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Navigating the Eviction Process:


Generally, a notice is the first step in the eviction process. Either the landlord or one of our affiliated law firm's can fill out these notices and have us serve it on your tenant. If our affiliate firm is filling out the notice, you can be assured that it will be filled out and served in accordance with the law and wait to see if the tenant complies with the notice.


After the notice expires, our affiliate law firm will initiate the Unlawful Detainer action. A lawsuit is prepared by a competent staff member and filed with the court through our state. It is then transferred to one of our time-tested, registered process server for service. Most tenants are served in 3 to 7 days from when the lawsuit is filed. Thereafter, we provide the proof of service to our affiliate attorney firm who generates a report which is either faxed, emailed or mailed to you as a letter providing detailed information regarding the service of your lawsuit.


If your tenant has not answered the lawsuit, the next step is to prepare additional papers for filing with the court. These papers will be reviewed by the court, and they will issue a Judgment for Possession. This generally takes 7 to 10 days.


Once a judgment is obtained, a “Writ of Possession” is delivered to the sheriff’s office. They will process it and then go out to the property and post a “5 Day Notice to Vacate” on your tenant’s door. After the 5 days, the sheriff will set up a lockout time where you or your agent will have to meet the sheriff and have the locks changed. We offer a “Lockout Management Service” where we meet the sheriff, do an inventory, and will change the locks for you. You will receive more specific information on this service near the conclusion of your case.


If your tenant leaves any personal property behind, please contact our office and we will have a form sent to you which explains the legal process for disposing of your tenant’s belongings.


You will be receiving information near the conclusion of the eviction process for obtaining the money judgement and its collection.

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Filing, and Service of All Landlord Eviction Documents

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Summons and Complaint

Expert handling of the Unlawful Detainer action.

Swift filing of additional papers.

Default Process

Sheriff’s Lockout Process

Hassle-free lockout coordination with the Sheriff.

Assistance in obtaining and collecting money judgments.

Debt Collection

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