How to Serve Legal Documents on a California Registered Agent

Serving a business with a lawsuit is not as easy as it appears. Most people do not realize that you cannot just walk into a business and serve any employee with legal documents. To render proper service of process, the registered agent must be served. Read on to learn more about how to serve legal documents on a California registered agent.

What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent also referred to as a statutory agent, is any business or individual that is legally assigned to receive service of process on behalf of a limited liability company, limited partnership, or corporation. The agent must maintain a physical address in California and be present during normal business hours to receive legal service of process. The agent forwards all legal documents to the entity’s counsel or chief officer for review. Registered agents must meet certain qualifications to legally be deemed an agent for service of process. See California Code of Civil Procedure sections 416.10–416.40 for more information.

How to Find a CA Registered Agent

You can find information regarding the registered agent or agent for service of process by visiting the California Secretary of State website. Simply enter the entity name or number to find the registered agent’s information. The results section will list the agent for service of process and the agent’s address. If the information is missing, contact Countrywide Process, LLC. and we can help you locate information on the registered agent. Serving the wrong agent can result in your case being dismissed due to improper service of process.

How to Serve a CA Registered Agent

Once you find the registered agent, you will have to serve him/her (or business entity). Depending on the nature of the matter, you will have to personally serve the agent. If you live in San Diego, and the agent for service process resides in San Francisco, it may be best to hire a legal service provider to get the job done. You should hire a registered process server to complete the task. Doing so will help ensure that service is rendered in the right matter.

Contact Countrywide Process, LLC

We invite you to contact Countrywide Process, LLC  for more information on how to serve legal documents on a California registered agent. We have rendered service of process on several registered agents. Call 1-888-962-9696 to speak with a registered process server about your legal matter.

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