How to Scan documents to PDF

Scan a paper document to PDF and use Acrobat to turn it into a smart, searchable PDF with selectable text.

Scan a paper document to PDF

You can create a PDF file directly from a paper document, using your scanner and Acrobat. On Windows, Acrobat supports TWAIN scanner drivers and Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) drivers. On Mac OS, Acrobat supports TWAIN and Image Capture (ICA).

In Windows, you can either use the Autodetect Color Mode and let Acrobat determine the paper document’s content type, or use other presets (Black & White DocumentGrayscale DocumentColor Image, and Color Document) based on your judgment. You can configure the scanning presets or use the Custom Scan option to scan with the settings of your choice.


Preset scanning is available only for scanner drivers that support Hide Scanner’s Native Interface mode. The scanning presets are not available on Mac OS.

In Windows, if a WIA driver is installed for your scanner, you can use the Scan button on your scanner to create a PDF. Press the Scan button, and then in Windows, choose Adobe Acrobat from the list of registered applications. Then, in the Acrobat scan interface, select a scanner and a document preset or Custom Scan.

To scan a paper document to PDF using Acrobat, go to Tools > Create PDF. The Create a PDF from any format interface is displayed. Choose Scanner to see the options available.

On Windows:

Options for scanning a paper document to PDF

Create PDFs from Scanner interface; clicking the settings or gear icon shows all the settings for the selected option.


On Mac:

Options for scanning a paper document to PDF on Mac

Create PDFs from Scanner interface; choose a scanner and then click Next to see the settings for the selected Scanner.


Scan a paper document to PDF using Autodetect Color Mode (Windows)

  • Choose Tools > Create PDF > Scanner > Autodetect Color Mode.


    If you want to append the document, which you’ll scan, to an existing file, do the following:

    1. Choose the Append to Existing File check box.
    2. If you’ve the files open in Acrobat, select an appropriate file from the drop-down list, or click Browse and then select an appropriate file.

    If you want to scan multiple files into a PDF, click the Settings  icon. The Custom Scan interface is displayed. Select the Prompt to scan more pages check box.

  • Click Scan.

  • If prompted to scan more pages, select Scan More PagesScan Reverse Sides, or Scan Is Complete, and click OK.

Scan a paper document to PDF using a preset (Windows)

  • Choose Tools > Create PDF > Scanner > [document preset].


    If you want to append the document, which you’ll scan, to an existing file, do the following:

    1. Choose the Append to Existing File check box.
    2. If you’ve the files open in Acrobat, select an appropriate file from the drop-down list, or click Browse and then select an appropriate file.

    If you want to scan multiple files into a PDF, click the Settings  icon. The Custom Scan interface is displayed. Select the Prompt to scan more pages check box.

  • Click Scan.

  • If prompted to scan more pages, select Scan More PagesScan Reverse Sides, or Scan Is Complete, and click OK.

Scan a paper document to PDF without presets

  • Choose Tools > Create PDF > Scanner > Default Settings or My Custom Settings.


    If you want to append the document, which you’ll scan, to an existing file, do the following:

    1. Choose the Append to Existing File check box.
    2. If you’ve the files open in Acrobat, select an appropriate file from the drop-down list, or click Browse and then select an appropriate file.
  • If you want to change the settings, click the Settings  icon. The Custom Scan interface is displayed. Select scanning options as needed.

    If you want to scan multiple files into a PDF, select the Prompt to scan more pages check box.


    If you specify that you want to use the Show scanner’s user interface instead of the Acrobat user interface, other windows or dialog boxes appear. Consult the scanner documentation information on available options. In Mac OS, the scanner user interface is always shown.

  • Click Scan.

  • If prompted to scan more pages, select Scan More PagesScan Reverse Sides, or Scan Is Complete, and click OK.

Enhance or optimize a scanned PDF

  • Open a PDF created from a scanned document.
  • Choose Tools > Enhance Scans > Enhance > Scanned Document.

  • Select options in the Secondary toolbar – click the Settings  icon and choose appropriate options in the Enhance Scanned PDF dialog box, and click OK.

    For more information on the options displayed in the dialog box, see Enhance Scanned PDF dialog box.

Configure scanning presets (Windows)

  • Choose Tools > Create PDF > Scanner.

  • Select a preset: Autodetect Color ModeBlack and White DocumentColor DocumentGrayscale Document, or Color Photograph.

  • Click the Settings  icon next to the preset. Depending on your selection, the Custom Scan or Configure Predefined Settings for interface is displayed.

  • Adjust the settings as needed.

    If you want to scan multiple files into a PDF, select the Prompt to scan more pages check box.

  • Click Save Settings to save the preset, and then click the Cross button (X) to close.

Scanning options

After you select a scanner, you can choose or adjust its various scanning options as per your requirements.

Click here to see all the scanning options

Optimize Scanned PDF dialog box

The Enhance Scanned PDF dialog box controls the image settings of how scanned images are filtered and compressed for the PDF. Default settings are suitable for a wide range of document pages, but you may want to customize settings for higher-quality images, smaller file sizes, or scanning issues.

Click here to see all the image optimization options

Recognize Text – Settings dialog box

Document Language

By default the OCR language is picked from default locale. To change the language, click Edit and choose a different language.


Either Searchable Image or Editable Text and Images.

Scanning tips

  • Acrobat scanning accepts images between 10 dpi and 3000 dpi. If you select Searchable Image or ClearScan for PDF Output Style, input resolution of 72 dpi or higher is required. Also, input resolution higher than 600 dpi is downsampled to 600 dpi or lower.
  • Lossless compressions can only be applied to monochrome images. To apply lossless compression to a scanned image, select one of these options under the Optimization Options in the Optimize Scanned PDF dialog box: CCITT Group 4 or JBIG2 (Lossless) for monochrome images. If this image is appended to a PDF document, and you save the file using the Save option, the scanned image remains uncompressed. If you save the PDF using Save As, the scanned image may be compressed.
  • For most pages, black-and-white scanning at 300 dpi produces text best suited for conversion. At 150 dpi, OCR accuracy is slightly lower, and more font-recognition errors occur; at 400 dpi and higher resolution, processing slows, and compressed pages are bigger. If a page has many unrecognized words or small text (9 points or smaller), try scanning at a higher resolution. Scan in black and white whenever possible.
  • When Recognize Text Using OCR is disabled, full 10-to-3000 dpi resolution range may be used, but the recommended resolution is 72 and higher dpi. For Adaptive Compression, 300 dpi is recommended for grayscale or RGB input, or 600 dpi for black-and-white input.
  • Pages scanned in 24-bit color, 300 dpi, at 8-1/2–by-11 in. (21.59-by-27.94 cm) result in large images (25 MB) before compression. Your system may require 50 MB of virtual memory or more to scan the image. At 600 dpi, both scanning and processing typically are about four times slower than at 300 dpi.
  • Avoid dithering or halftone scanner settings. These settings can improve the appearance of photographs, but they make it difficult to recognize text.
  • For text printed on colored paper, try increasing the brightness and contrast by about 10%. If your scanner has the color-filtering capability, consider using a filter or lamp that drops out the background color. Or if the text isn’t crisp or drops out, try adjusting scanner contrast and brightness to clarify the scan.
  • If your scanner has a manual brightness control, adjust it so that characters are clean and well-formed. If characters are touching, use a higher (brighter) setting. If characters are separated, use a lower (darker) setting.

Troubleshoot scanner issues

Recognize text in scanned documents

You can use Acrobat to recognize text in previously scanned documents that have already been converted to PDF. Optical character recognition (OCR) software enables you to search, correct, and copy the text in a scanned PDF. To apply OCR to a PDF, the original scanner resolution must have been set at 72 dpi or higher.


Scanning at 300 dpi produces the best text for conversion. At 150 dpi, OCR accuracy is slightly lower.

Recognize text in a single document

  • Open the scanned PDF.
  • Choose Tools > Enhance Scans > Recognize Text > In This File.

    The Recognize Text options are displayed in the Secondary toolbar.

  • In the Secondary toolbar, select a page range and language for text recognition.

  • Optionally, click Settings to open the Recognize Text dialog box, and specify the options as needed.

  • Click Recognize Text. Acrobat creates a layer of text in your PDF that can be searched — or copied and pasted into a new document.

Recognize text in multiple documents

  • Choose Tools > Enhance Scans > Recognize Text > In Multiple Files.

  • In the Recognize Text dialog box, click Add Files, and choose Add FilesAdd Folders, or Add Open Files. Then select the files or folder.

  • In the Output Options dialog box, specify a target folder for output files, and filename preferences.
  • In the Recognize Text – General Settings dialog box, specify the options, and then click OK.

    Acrobat creates a layer of text in your PDF that can be searched — or copied and pasted into a new document.

Recognize Text – General Settings dialog box

Document Language

Specifies the language for the OCR engine to use to identify the characters.

Output (PDF Output Style)

Determines the type of PDF to produce. All options require an input resolution of 72 dpi or higher (recommended). All formats apply OCR and font and page recognition to the text images and convert them to normal text.

Searchable Image

Ensures that text is searchable and selectable. This option keeps the original image, deskews it as needed, and places an invisible text layer over it. The selection for Downsample Images in this same dialog box determines whether the image is downsampled and to what extent.

Searchable Image (Exact)

Ensures that text is searchable and selectable. This option keeps the original image and places an invisible text layer over it. Recommended for cases requiring maximum fidelity to the original image.

Editable Text & Images

Synthesizes a new custom font that closely approximates the original, and preserves the page background using a low-resolution copy.

Downsample To

Decreases the number of pixels in color, grayscale, and monochrome images after OCR is complete. Choose the degree of downsampling to apply. Higher-numbered options do less downsampling, producing higher-resolution PDFs.

Correct OCR text in PDFs

When you run OCR on a scanned output, Acrobat analyzes bitmaps of text and substitutes words and characters for those bitmap areas. If the ideal substitution is uncertain, Acrobat marks the word as suspect. Suspects appear in the PDF as the original bitmap of the word, but the text is included on an invisible layer behind the bitmap of the word. This method makes the word searchable even though it is displayed as a bitmap.

Note: If you try to select text in a scanned PDF that does not have OCR applied, or try to perform a Read Out Loud operation on an image file, Acrobat asks if you want to run OCR. If you click OK, the Text Recognition dialog box opens and you can select options, which are described in detail under the previous topic.

  • Choose Tools > Enhance Scans > Recognize Text > Correct Recognized Text.

    Acrobat identifies suspected text errors and displays the image and text side by side in the Secondary toolbar. (All suspect words on the page are enclosed in boxes.)

  • Click the highlighted object or box in the document, and then correct it in the Recognized As box in the Secondary toolbar. Click Accept.

    The next suspect is highlighted. Correct mistakes as needed. Click Accept for each correction.

  • Click Close in the Secondary toolbar when the task is complete.

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Convert Documents into Text-Searchable PDFs

Sources: helpx.adobe.comOffice SupportApple Support, and Open Office

Whether your document has been converted to a PDF from another file or created as a PDF, the content may not be automatically text-searchable. Click the links below to learn how to make your PDFs text-searchable using Adobe Acrobat DC.

Learn how to convert scans or images of documents into searchable, editable PDF files, and adjust the quality of the resulting file.
Turn paper documents into searchable PDFs


 Open the image of your document

Open create-searchable.pdf in Acrobat DC or open a photo of one of your own documents.

In the right-hand pane, select the Enhance Scans tool.

Select the Enhance Scans tool


 Adjust skewing

Select Enhance > Camera Image to bring up the Enhance submenu. Select the correct option from the Content drop down. Auto Detect is the default and works on most scanned documents.

Drag the blue dots to frame the part of the page you want to preserve. Align the dots along the edges of the document to fix the skewing and click Enhance Page.

Select the correct option


Click Enhance Page


 Adjust contrast

In the resulting enhanced image preview, drag the Adjust enhancement level slider left or right to decrease or increase the contrast. When you are done, click Close to return to the main Enhance Scans menu. At this point, you’ve got an improved image of your document, but you still cannot edit, select, or search the text.

Note: Refer to Scan documents to PDF for more details on how you can change the default settings to enhance scanned documents.

Contrast adjustment


 Recognize text

Select Recognize Text > In This File to invoke the text recognition submenu. If necessary, click the Language drop-down and choose the appropriate language from the list of options, ranging from Basque to Ukrainian. Click Recognize Text to convert the image to text that can be selected and edited.

Recognize text in this file


Select Recognize text


 Search text in your PDF

Once you use the Recognize Text tool to convert your scanned image into a usable PDF file, you can select and search through the text in that file, making it easy to find, modify, and reuse the information from your old paper documents.

Select the Find text tool and enter text to search in the Find field. Now that the text is editable, you can choose to replace the text if necessary.

Note: You may get a low-resolution scan warning indicating that editing the document may not produce the best results. Click Yes to continue and edit the scanned document. Click No to make no further edits to the file.

Search text


April 8, 2015

Contributors: Donna BakerSergiy Maidukov

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California Electronic Filing Cutoff Time for Served Filings

State of California
Section 1010.6
View PDF 

According to California Code of Civil Procedure 1010.6, any document that is served electronically between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59:59 p.m. on a court day shall be deemed served on that court day. Any document that is served electronically on a noncourt day shall be deemed served on the next court day.

Note: Please allow enough time for your document(s) to upload to the court’s system. Clicking the ‘Sign and File’ button at 11:59:59 p.m. does not guarantee the court will receive the filing electronically by 11:59:59 p.m. as individual internet speeds and document sizes vary.


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Stanislaus County Hearing Dates

Effective immediately, please include the next upcoming hearing date in the filing description box. The hearing date should be the first thing listed and then the description you would like to add.

Ex Parte Application HRG 05/17/18 OR HRG 05-17-18,Ex Parte Application


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LASC Announcement Regarding Processing of Requests for Dismissal (Unlimited Cases Only)

As of March 1st, the Stanley Mosk Courthouse has implemented a temporary process for Requests for Dismissals on unlimited civil cases filed electronically. Effective immediately, Stanley Mosk Courthouse will accept the transaction in the court’s e-filing manager software (EFM) as “received” and will manually process and mail back the completed Request for Dismissal. Filer’s be receiving a clerk’s comment similar to as follows:

This Request for Dismissal will be received through eFiling and processed manually by the court. A copy will be sent to the address on the dismissal once processed. Any other documents in this transaction have been processed electronically.

The temporary process will remain in place until the backlog has been alleviated. A follow-up email notification will be sent to you all when we have ended this temporary solution. Again, this is just for unlimited civil cases in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse.

If filers received a rejection notice in this regard last week (Thursday 2/28 or Friday 3/1), we will no longer reject Requests for Dismissal for the sole purpose of manual processing; instead, the above process will be followed.


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Los Angeles Civil Document Type Code List

The following list provides the document type codes and description for Los Angeles County civil case e-filing. If the clerk refers to a document type code in their rejection reason, you can look for the associated document type description in this list.

Code Description
AFF010 Affidavit (name extension)
AFF020 Affidavit for Order for Appearance and Examination of a Third Person
AFF030 Affidavit of Identity and Order
AP601 Appeal – Notice of Appeal/Cross-Appeal Filed
AP627 Appeal – Ntc Designating Record of Appeal APP-003/010/103
AP648 Motion for Settled Statement In Lieu of Appeal Transcript
AP649 Condensed Narrative/Settled Statement on Appeal
AP650 Proposed Statement on Appeal Submitted APP-104 CR-135/143
AP655 Appeal – Stipulation for Agreed Statement Filed
AP656 Appeal – Agreed Statement Filed
AP657 Appeal – Notice of Non-Stipulation-Agreed Statement Filed
APP010 Application (name extension)
APP015 Application And Order For Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem
APP025 Application for Order to Post
APP027 Application for Order to Publish
APP030 Application for Release of Funds
APP040 Application for Withdrawal of Funds on Deposit
APP045 Application for Determination of Good Faith Settlement
APP050 Clerk’s Application to Vacate and Order
APP060 Ex Parte Application (name extension)
CERT000 Certificate (name extension)
CHL010 Challenge To Judicial Officer – Cause (170.1/170.3)
CHL020 Challenge To Judicial Officer – Peremptory (170.6)
CM020 Case Management Statement
COM010 Amendment to Complaint (Fictitious/Incorrect Name)
COM020 Amendment to Cross-Complaint (Fictitious/Incorrect Name)
COM040 Complaint
COM045 Amended Complaint
COM060 Complaint in Intervention
COM070 Cross-Complaint
COM090 Notice of Appeal – Administrative Hearing
COM100 Notice of Appeal – Parking
COM110 Out of County Abstract
CST010 Declaration of Costs – CCP 1033
CST020 Declaration of Interest, Costs and Attorney Fees
CST030 Memorandum of Costs (Summary)
CST040 Memorandum of Costs After Judgment, Acknowledgment of Credit, and Declaration of Accrued Interest
DAL005 Defendant’s Application for Stay and Early Evaluation Conference Pursuant to Civil Code Section 55.54
DAL010 Notice of Stay of Proceedings and Early Evaluation Conference (Construction-Related Accessibility Claim)
DAL015 Application for Mandatory Evaluation Conference Under Code of Civil Procedure Section 55.545
DAL020 Notice of Mandatory Evaluation Conference
DEC010 Declaration (name extension)
DEC020 Declaration and Order re: Advance Jury Fees
DEC030 Declaration for Default Judgment by Court (Unlawful Detainer)
DEC035 Declaration in Support of Ex Parte Application
DEC040 Declaration in Support of Attorney’s Motion to Be Relieved as Counsel-Civil
DEC045 Declaration of Attorney Re: Advisement of Rights and Defenses
DEC070 Declaration of Open Book Account
DEC071 Declaration Pursuant to 585 CCP in Support of Default Judgment
DEC072 Declaration Pursuant to 1717 CC re: Attorney Fees
DEC073 Declaration Pursuant to 1717.5 CC re: Attorney Fees
DEC075 Declaration in Support of Bus. & Prof. Code 6322.1(c)(1)
DEC080 Declaration re: Attorney’s Fees
DEC083 Declaration re: Order for Sale of Dwelling
DEC085 Declaration re: Uninsured Motorist
DEC090 Supplemental Declaration (name extension)
EJT003 Request to Opt Out of Mandatory Expedited Jury Trial Procedures
EJT004 Objection to Request to Opt Out of Mandatory Expedited Jury Trial Procedures
EJT018 Agreement of Parties (Mandatory Expedited Jury Trial Procedures)
EXH020 Application and Order for Viewing and/or Reproduction of Trial Court Exhibits
FW001 Request to Waive Court Fees
FW002 Request to Waive Additional Court Fees (Superior Court)
FW003 Order on Court Fee Waiver (Superior Court)
FW006 Request for Hearing About Court Fee Waiver Order (Superior Court)
FW010 Notice to Court of Improved Financial Situation or Settlement
FW090 Declaration re: Waived Court Fees and Costs
IDC005 Informal Discovery Conference
IDC010 Request for Informal Discovery Conference – Complex
IDC020 Informal Discovery Conference Form for Personal Injury Courts
ISS010 Commission to Take Deposition Outside California
ISS030 Summons
ISS040 Summons (Joint Debtor)
JUD010 Confession of Judgment
JUD015 Judgment
JUD020 Default Judgment
JUD045 Judgment Following General Verdict
JUD048 Judgment – Unlawful Detainer
JUD050 Default Judgment – Unlawful Detainer
JUD060 Judgment on Special Verdict
JUD065 Stipulated Judgment
JUD070 Judgment on Verdict in Open Court
MISC010 Brief (name extension)
MISC020 Civil Case Cover Sheet
MISC030 Confidential Cover Sheet False Claims Action
MISC055 Joinder
MISC060 Memorandum (name extension)
MISC070 Notice of Decision – Final Administrative Decision
MISC100 Receipt and Acknowledgment of Order for the Deposit of Money Into Blocked Account
MISC118 Confidential CASP Report
MISC120 Statement of Damages (Personal Injury or Wrongful Death)
MTN003 Application to be Admitted Pro Hac Vice
MTN005 Application to be Relieved as Attorney on Completion of Limited Scope Representation
MTN010 Demurrer – with Motion to Strike (CCP 430.10)
MTN020 Demurrer – without Motion to Strike
MTN030 Joinder to Motion
MTN035 Joinder to Motion for Summary Judgment / Adjudication
MTN040 Motion for an OSC Re: Contempt (CCP 1209)
MTN050 Motion for Attorney Fees
MTN060 Motion for Change of Venue
MTN080 Motion for Determination of Good Faith Settlement (CCP 877.6)
MTN090 Motion for Discovery of Peace Officer Personnel Records (Pitchess Motion)
MTN120 Motion for Forum Non Conveniens
MTN130 Motion for Issuance of Out of State Commission
MTN140 Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict
MTN150 Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings
MTN160 Motion for Leave (name extension)
MTN170 Motion for Leave to Amend (name extension)
MTN180 Motion for Leave to File a Cross-Complaint
MTN190 Motion for Leave to Intervene
MTN200 Motion for New Trial
MTN210 Motion for Order (name extension)
MTN230 Motion for Preliminary Injunction
MTN240 Motion for Protective Order
MTN250 Motion for Reconsideration
MTN260 Motion for Sanctions
MTN270 Motion for Stay of Proceedings
MTN280 Motion for Stipulated Judgment
MTN290 Motion for Summary Adjudication
MTN300 Motion for Summary Judgment
MTN310 Motion for Terminating Sanctions
MTN320 Motion for Trial Preference
MTN350 Motion in Limine (name extension)
MTN360 Motion re: (name extension)
MTN370 Motion to Amend Judgment
MTN380 Motion to Augment (name extension)
MTN390 Motion to Be Admitted Pro Hac Vice
MTN400 Motion to Be Relieved as Counsel
MTN410 Motion to Bifurcate
MTN420 Motion to Challenge the Good Faith of a Settlement (CCP 877.6)
MTN430 Motion to Compel (name extension)
MTN440 Motion to Compel Arbitration
MTN450 Motion to Compel Discovery (not Further Discovery) – 1 moving party, 1 motion
MTN460 Motion to Compel Further Discovery Responses
MTN470 Motion to Confirm Settlement
MTN480 Motion to Consolidate
MTN490 Motion to Continue (name extension)
MTN500 Motion to Continue Trial Date
MTN510 Motion to Declare Vexatious Litigant
MTN520 Motion to Deem RFA’s Admitted
MTN530 Motion to Dismiss
MTN540 Motion to Disqualify Counsel
MTN550 Motion to Enforce Settlement
MTN560 Motion to Enforce Sister State Judgment
MTN570 Motion to Expunge Lis Pendens
MTN580 Motion to Extend Discovery Cut-Off Date
MTN590 Motion to Join Necessary Party
MTN600 Motion to Quash
MTN610 Motion to Quash Service of Summons
MTN620 Motion to Reclassify
MTN630 Motion to Seal (name extension)
MTN640 Motion to Set Aside/Vacate Default
MTN650 Motion to Set Aside/Vacate Default and / or Default Judgment
MTN660 Motion to Set Aside/Vacate Dismissal
MTN670 Motion to Set Aside/Vacate Judgment
MTN680 Motion to Sever
MTN690 Motion to Stay Execution
MTN700 Motion to Strike (not anti-SLAPP) – without Demurrer
MTN710 Motion to Strike (not initial pleading)
MTN715 Motion to Submit Tardy Expert Witness List
MTN720 Motion to Tax Costs
MTN730 Motion to Transfer
MTN740 Motion to Trifurcate
MTN750 Motion to Vacate (name extension)
MTN770 Special Motion to Strike under CCP Section 425.16 (Anti-SLAPP motion)
NTC010 Notice (name extension)
NTC020 Notice of Add-on to JCCP Petition
NTC030 Notice of Bankruptcy
NTC100 Notice of Change of Address or Other Contact Information
NTC110 Notice of Change of Firm Name
NTC120 Notice of Consolidation
NTC140 Notice of Coordinated Cases
NTC160 Notice of Deposit – Jury
NTC175 Notice of Discharge of Debtor
NTC180 Notice of Entry of Dismissal and Proof of Service
NTC200 Notice of Entry of Judgment / Dismissal / Other Order
NTC230 Notice of Hearing on Claim of Exemption or in lieu of Third-Party Claim
NTC245 Notice of Hearing on Petition
NTC260 Notice of Intent to Appear by Telephone
NTC280 Notice of Intent to Move for New Trial
NTC290 Notice of Lien
NTC295 Notice of Motion
NTC297 Notice of Limited Scope Representation
NTC307 Notice of Posting of Jury Fees
NTC310 Notice of Related Case
NTC313 Notice of Remand from Federal Court
NTC330 Notice of Ruling
NTC340 Notice of Settlement
NTC360 Notice of Stay of Proceedings (Bankruptcy)
NTC400 Notice of Joinder (Name Extension)
NTC410 Notice of Lis Pendens
NTC420 Notice of Lodging (name extension)
NTC430 Notice of Removal to Federal Court
NTC451 Notice of Deposit – Jury
OFR005 Offer to Compromise
OFR010 Offer to Compromise and Acceptance Under Code of Civil Procedure Section 998
ORD010 Order (name extension)
ORD030 Order Approving Compromise of Disputed Claim or Pending Action or Disposition of Proceeds of Judgment for Minor or Person With a Disability (Miscellaneous)
ORD040 Order Denying or Terminating Stay of Execution of Judgment (Unlawful Detainer)
ORD080 Order for Publication
ORD090 Order for Release of Funds
ORD100 Order for Withdrawal of Funds From Blocked Account
ORD110 Order Granting Attorney’s Motion to Be Relieved as Counsel-Civil
ORD120 Order – Dismissal
ORD130 Order on Application to be Relieved as Attorney on Completion of Limited Scope Representation
ORD150 Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage
ORD195 Order to Deposit (name extension)
ORD200 Order to Deposit Money Into Blocked Account
ORD205 Order to Set Aside / Vacate (name extension)
OSC010 Order to Show Cause (Hearing)
OSC040 Order to Show Cause re: Dismissal (Settlement)
PET010 Expedited Petition to Approve Compromise of Disputed Claim or Pending Action or Disposition of Proceeds of Judgment for Minor or Person with a Disability (Miscellaneous)
PET020 Petition (name extension)
PET030 Petition and Declaration Regarding Unresolved Claims and Deposit of Undistributed Surplus Proceeds of Trustee’s Sale
PET040 Petition for Coordination
PET060 Petition for Withdrawal of Funds From Blocked Account
PET065-bak Petition for Writ (Misdemeanor, Infraction, or Limited Civil Case)
PET080 Petition to Approve Structured Settlement
PET090 Petition to Confirm Arbitration Award
PET100 Petition to Approve Compromise of Disputed Claim
PET110 Petition to Coordinate Add-On Case (JCCP)
PET120 Petition to Release Property – Mechanic’s Lien
PET130 Petition to Vacate or Alter Arbitration Award (CCP 1285 – 1287.6)
PET140 Subsequent Petition for Relief in Discovery Dispute re: Out-of-State Case – by Non-Party
PET150 Subsequent Petition for Relief in Discovery Dispute re: Out-of-State Case – by Party
PJ010 Abstract of Judgment – Civil and Small Claims
PJ020 Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment
PJ030 Application and Order for Appearance and Examination
PJ035 Affidavit for Order for Appearance and Examination of a Third Person
PJ040 Application and Order Regarding Lost Writ
PJ060 Application for and Renewal of Judgment
PJ070 Application for Issuance of Writ of Execution, Possession or Sale
PJ080 Application for Order of Sale of Dwelling
PJ090 Assignment of Judgment
PJ100 Certificate of Facts re: Unsatisfied Judgment
PJ110 Claim of Exemption
PJ120 Claim of Right to Possession and Notice of Hearing
PJ130 Financial Statement
PJ140 Notice of Opposition to Claim of Exemption
PJ150 Order for Continuance/Setting of Judgment Debtor Examination
PJ170 Abstract – Request
POS000 Proof of Service – No Service
POS010 Application for Order to Post
POS020 Application for Order to Publish
POS060 Declaration of Mailing
POS070 Declaration re: Due Diligence
POS080 Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt
POS090 Clerks Certificate of Service By Electronic Service
POS100 Proof of Mailing (Substituted Service)
POS110 Proof of Personal Service
POS125 Proof of Service by Posting
POS130 Proof of Publication
POS140 Proof of Service (not Summons and Complaint)
POS145 Proof of Service Not Plaintiff’s / Defendant’s Claim
POS146 Proof of Service – Order Granting Attorney’s Motion to be Relieved as Counsel
POS147 Proof of Service (Renewal of Judgment)
POS148 Proof of Service (Sister State Judgment)
POS150 Proof of Service by Mail
POS160 Proof of Service by Substituted Service
POS181 Subpoena & Proof of Service
POS182 Subpoena Duces Tecum and Proof of Service
PTY010 Association of Attorney
PTY025 Disassociation of Attorney
PTY030 Objection to Application to be Relieved as Attorney on Completion of Limited Scope Representation
PTY040 Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession
PTY050 Substitution of Attorney
REC010 Oath of Receiver
REC020 Receiver Bond
REQ010 Media Request to Photograph, Record, or Broadcast
REQ020 Request (name extension)
REQ030 Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities and Response
REQ070 Request for Dismissal
REQ080 Request for Entry of Default / Judgment
REQ100 Request for Refund / Order
REQ150 Request/Counter-Request To Set Case For Trial
RES010 Answer
RES020 Claim Opposing Forfeiture
RES040 General Denial
RES050 Notice of Appearance
RES060 Response (name extension)
RES080 Response to Petition
STP010 Stipulation (name extension) – No Order
STP020 Stipulation and Order (name extension)
STP050 Stipulation for Judgment
STP080 Unlawful Detainer Stipulation and Judgment
SUP010 Memorandum of Points & Authorities
SUP020 Objection (name extension)
SUP030 Opposition (name extension)
SUP035 Opposition to Application for Determination of Good Faith Settlement
SUP040 Reply (name extension)
SUP050 Request for Judicial Notice
SUP060 Separate Statement
TRL010 Application and Order to Withdraw Exhibits
TRL015 Compliance with General Order for Limited Jurisdiction Unlawful Detainer [Eviction] Jury Trial Readiness
TRL020 Demand for Jury Trial
TRL030 Exhibit List
TRL040 Jury Instructions
TRL050 Jury Question
TRL063 Request for Statement of Decision
TRL065 Special Verdict
TRL070 Statement of the Case
TRL080 Stipulation, Receipt and Order re: Release of Civil Exhibits
TRL090 Trial Brief
TRL110 Witness List
VEX010 Application for Order to Vacate Prefiling and Remove Name from Statewide Vexatious Litigant List
VEX040 Prefiling Order – Vexatious Litigant
WAR010 Bench Warrant (Civil) ORAP
WAR020 Bench Warrant (Civil) Failure to Comply
WOA010 Application for Right to Attach Order, Temporary Protective Order, etc.
WOA015 Application to Set Aside Right to Attach Order and Release Attached Property
WOA020 Ex Parte Right to Attach Order and Order for Issuance of Writ of Attachment (Nonresident)
WOA030 Ex Parte Right to Attach Order and Order for Issuance of Writ of Attachment (Resident)
WOA040 Notice of Application and Hearing for Writ of Attachment (CCP 484.040)
WOA045 Notice of Attachment
WOA050 Notice of Opposition to Right to Attach Order and Claim of Exemption
WOA055 Order to Set Aside Attachment, to Substitute Undertaking
WOA070 Right to Attach Order After Hearing and Order for Issuance of Writ of Attachment
WOA080 Temporary Protective Order
WOP010 Application and Notice of Application and Hearing for Order to Quash Ex Parte Writ of Possession
WOP015 Application for Temporary Restraining Order (Claim and Delivery)
WOP020 Application for Writ of Possession (Claim and Delivery)
WOP030 Declaration for Ex Parte Writ of Possession (Claim and Delivery)
WOP040 Notice of Application and Hearing for Claim and Delivery (CCP 512.030)
WOP050 Order for Release and Redelivery of Property (Claim and Delivery)
WOP060 Order for Writ of Possession (Claim and Delivery)
WRIT005 Application for Writ of Possession
WRIT020 Writ of (name extension)
WRIT030 Writ of Execution
WRIT035 Writ of Mandate
WRIT055 Writ – Return
WRIT060 Writ – Request
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Remember to E-File Your Documents as Text Searchable PDFs

Please read this important message regarding filing text searchable PDF documents.

Per the California Rules of Court 2.256(b)(3), and the Los Angeles Superior Court General Order Re Mandatory Electronic Filing for Civil section C(2)(A), documents are required to be e-filed in a text searchable PDF format.

The Los Angeles Superior Court civil division is now commonly enforcing this requirement. If you don’t submit your filing in a text-searchable PDF format when technologically feasible, it may result in your filing being rejected.

Converting your documents to a text searchable format is easy and takes just 30 seconds. Here is a help article which provides instructions on how to make your PDF document text searchable.

Help Article: Convert Documents into Text-Searchable PDFs


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E-filing coming soon to Sonoma County Superior Court!

Please be advised that the Sonoma County Superior Court of California will be hosting an eFiling educational program on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, from 11:30am – 1:00pm PST and is inviting vendors to attend. The event is located at the Sonoma County Law Library at 2604 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa, California 95403.

The goal of this program is to educate and prepare attorneys on the new eFiling system. The presentation will cover a basic overview of the eFiling system, an introduction to ESFPs, and how to select an ESFP that suits attorneys’ needs. Attorneys who attend will have an opportunity to meet with vendors to ask questions related to costs, technical support and training. Please see the Sonoma County Superior Court page for additional information.

If you plan on attending, please email

If you have further questions or would like to speak with a member of our team, please call (888) 962-9696.

Thank You,

The Countrywide Process Team

Countrywide Process, LLC.
5437 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite 112
Valley Village, CA. 91607
818 980-7378 Office | 888 900-8312 E-FAX
Process Service | Court Filing | E-Filing | Court Research | Document Recording |
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Some specific grounds to choose a legal service provider

There should be some specific criteria to select a particular agency’s service among the numerous options available in the market. With the need of the court filing services and increasing population of the country, the legal service support centers like Country Wide Process are rapidly increasing. But being a client, you should the aware of some specific grounds to choose a comparatively better service provider, over the other. A few specific grounds, to help you choose a specific agency amidst the others are discussed, for you to understand.

Punctual service:

As client is our first priority, we never compromise with the demands of our client. In most of the time the court cases take time to proceed, for one specific step to the other and it is the delay in proceeding with the court cases, which makes most of the clients offended. However, if you authorize our organization with the charge of any particular case, you would be able to see the difference. Our team of professionals knows the way outs with advanced technologies to get the service done within the prescribed time. The experienced members of CT Process Server California team also have good connection in court with the powerful individuals there and this would help in proceeding with the cases at the right time without much delay. Thus, our clients would be satisfied with us because of our timely service and proper response.

CT Corporation System Process Server Los AngelesProper interaction:

The CT Corporation System Process Server Los Angeles never fails to respond the clients with right approach, whenever the client would need that. We assure every customer of a good bonding which is a natural outcome. It is natural for every customer to fall in love with our service, once they will use that. The core of our customer relation boding is standing on a few important pillars and good communication and timely response with comprehensive is the one of them.

The client will get to generate an account at the time of filing his case and our team of experts would send them report each they will proceed with the case. They will also receive an update at the time of storing result of the case research. The effectiveness of the strong interaction process becomes clear when the clients becomes able to inform about any incongruity in their research procedure, if they find any. The process of receiving feedback and immediate rectification, if required makes the customer relation even stronger.

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Court filing and the document research by Countrywide Process

You would just have to fill in the online form by submitting your name mailing address, phone number and all, to get the convenient legal support system for your monthly or yearly services. Filling up of the account information and the personal details would-be highly confidential so that anyone from outside would not be able to access your secret information. The CT Process Server California would be quite loyal at your service to give you complete relaxation and support.

Court filing:

The complicated matter of legal issues can be easily manageable by the services of Court filing. The support system agencies are quite experienced whether they are serving as a courier guy or they are working as the legal professionals. It is also necessary for the courier guy to be experienced because he would have to understand which mail has to be send to which section and for this reason he need to have proper experience and knowledge about the legal terms and conditions. However, the facilities that you might enjoy with such legal service have been discussed bellow.

The staff members of the agency have sufficient contact with the court professionals so that they can get the updated information about the proceedings of the services.

You, as a client would get constant information regarding the proceeding of the services of your file in the court. You will get a link as and when the copy would be submitted to the court. Thus, you would be abel to track the proceeding of the record.

The information about the sister state judgment would reach you within the right time and this convenience would be quite enough to keep you contended with the service of the agencies.

Document research:

As the legal matter require a lot of research and it is important that the research is done in a through and focused way it, our expert team involve their full devotion to know the matter with concentrated research.

The researched output are stored and attached with your account so that you would always judge, whether the research is executed in the proper way.  The matter of bankruptcy, family law and the trustee are dealt under the section of public research. The search profile researches like the profile report, criminal record and the business researches are dealt by experts in the specified field by CT Corp Process Server California. 


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